Sacramento Solons 1941 T-Shirt

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Team Info

Years Active: 1903-1905, 1909–1914, 1918-1960, 1974-1976
Stadiums: Hughes Stadium, Edmonds Field, Sacramento Baseball Park, Moreing Park, Buffalo Park, Oak Park

Titles: 1938,1939

The Solons was the name of multiple teams in Sacramento dating back to the late 1800's. Early versions of the team often had other official names such as the Sacts and Senators, with the Solons name being an unofficial nickname. The name became official in 1936. In 1960 the team moved due to a lack of attendance which many attributed to the recently relocated San Francisco Giants drawing so much attention. A new Solons team returned in 1974 and played at a football stadium, Hughes Stadium. With a left field fence at only 233 ft, huge crowds came to see the home fest and the Solons led the league in attendance. After the 1976 season, it became clear the team could not continue to play on a field with such ridiculous dimensions and the Solons were moved to San Jose and eventually sold. 

Notable Players

  • Bill Bevens
  • Walker Cooper
  • Mel Amada
  • Gene Bearden
  • Bob Boyd
  • Alex Carrasquel
  • Milo Candini
  • Jim Busby
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      This product is a historical representation of the defunct team in the description. The product is in no way affiliated with any existing team, league or other organization.


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