Cuban Stars T-Shirt

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Team Info

Years Active: 1907-1932

The Cuban Stars was the name of 2 different teams made up mostly of Cuban professional players and some players from other Latin American countries which competed in the negro leagues at the major league level. One team was located in Cincinnati (known as Cuban Stars West) and the other in New York (known as Cuban Stars East).

Notable Players (West)

  • José Méndez
  • Cristóbal Torriente

Notable Players (East)

  • Francisco Coimbre
  • Martín Dihigo
  • Emilio Navarro
  • Alejandro Oms
Product Info
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt
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This product is an historical representation of the defunct team in the description. The product is in no way affiliated with any existing team, league or other organization.


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