Memphis Red Sox T-Shirt

Memphis Red Sox T-Shirt

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Team Info

Years Active: 1922-1959
Stadiums: Russwood Park, Field's Park, Lewis Park, Martin's Stadium
League Titles: 1938

The Memphis Red Sox began in 1922 as a combination of players from the Union Giants and Barber College Team. The team began at the minor league level, but when the league had to reorganize the following season, the Red Sox began playing major league level teams. Since the team was one of the few to own their stadium, extra profits allowed the Red Sox to recruit top level players and they began playing full time at the major league level in the Negro National League in 1924. The Red Sox were successful throughout the 1930's winning a championship, but when WWII started, the team lost multiple players to military service and was never competitive again.

Notable Players

  • Norman "Turkey" Stearnes (Hall of Fame)
  • Bill Foster (Hall of Fame)
  • Charley Pride
  • Dan Bankhead
  • Cornelius Robinson
Product Info
  • 100% Cotton (52% Cotton 48% Polyester for heather colors)
  • Extra Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Classic Fit
  • By request: available up to size 5xl, youth sizes, women's sizes and long sleeves

This product is an historical representation of the defunct team in the description. The product is in no way affiliated with any existing team, league or other organization.


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