Memphis Mad Dogs Snapback

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Team Info

Years Active: 1995
Stadium: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

The Memphis Mad Dogs played one season in the CFL as part of the league's expansion into the U.S. The ownership group was originally trying to get an NFL expansion team called the Memphis Hound Dogs, but moved to the CFL when the Panthers and Jaguars were chosen instead. There were problems from the start when the stadium's surface was too small for the larger Canadian field. The team added extra turf cutouts around the field, but it was still smaller than any other field in the league. Attendance numbers dropped late in the season when the NFL and college seasons began and the team folded after just one season.

Notable Players

  • Damon Allen (CFL Hall of Fame)
  • Greg Battle (CFL Hall of Fame)
  • Rodney Harding (CFL Hall of Fame)
  • Joe Horn
  • Donald Igwebuike
  • Eddie Brown
  • Gary Anderson
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