Breakers Mini Helmet

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Team Info

The Breakers played all 3 seasons of the USFL from 1983-85 and moved to a different city each season. In 1983 the Breakers called Boston home, however Nickerson proved to be unsuitable for professional football. The following year the Breakers moved to New Orleans and were welcomed by fans with great attendance. As the league planned a move to playing in the fall, the Breakers moved to Portland knowing they could not compete with the Saints in New Orleans. The 1985 season in Portland proved to be their last and the league folded after the season.

Notable Players

  • Marcus Dupree
  • Broderick Thompson
  • Johnnie Walton
  • Dan Ross
  • Buford Jordan
        Product Info
        • 15 oz mini helmet
        • Style worn by Breakers from 1983-85
        • Available in the classic helmet style by Schutt or modern style by Riddell
        • Typically ships in 3-5 business days
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