Denver Gold Helmet T-Shirt

Denver Gold Helmet T-Shirt

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Team Info

The Denver Gold played three seasons in the USFL from 1983-85 at Mile High Stadium. The team hired former Broncos coach Red Miller as head coach and former QB Craig Morton at offensive coordinator. The owner was notoriously cheap and refused to sign the team's draft picks. This led to him feuding with Miller who was fired during the first season. Despite a lack of star players, the Gold had great fan support and were among the league leaders in attendance during the first two seasons. In 1985 Mouse Davis was hired and led the team to the playoffs. By that time, fans had lost interest in the team and the league along with the team folded after the season.

Notable Players

  • Dave Stalls
  • Vince Evans
  • Bo Matthews
  • Kyle Wittingham
  • Bob Gagliano
  • Todd Gerhart
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  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Classic Fit

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